Truly Italian Living the Dream

Bruno was in his forties when he decided to follow his dreams. Born and raised in Italy, he has always taken pride in Italian cooking. Still, he dreamed of coming to the United States.

When visiting for the first time, Daytona Beach Shores’ motto stayed with him: Life is Better Here. Bruno made the biggest decision of his life and moved an ocean away from his homeland to open an unassuming pizzeria.

Dolce vita. The sweet life. It is the Italian way to keep it simple and enjoy. In his forties, he had found a way to pair his passion for food and his hope for a life in the US. Bruno and his pizzeria have been serving simply delicious pizza and enjoying life ever since.

Detti Italiani: Italian Sayings

L’appetito vien mangiando!
The appetite comes while you’re eating!

Paese che vai, usanza che trovi.
Different places you visit, different customs you’ll find.

A tavola non si invecchia.
You don’t age while seated for a meal.